Worlds of Web DM: Weird Wastelands

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A supplement for 5e D&D that gives you everything you need to play great games in places adversely affected by magical forces.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Progress Update & OGL Note
4 months ago – Mon, Feb 06, 2023 at 01:27:08 PM

Hello Again Weirdos!

Light progress update here to keep everyone appraised: We're making excellent progress on the formatting and presentation front for Weird Wastelands! Check out some snips from the Introduction & Chapter 1 below! Thanks thus far for all the feedback and errata you've identified - extremely helpful in the formulation of the finished book. Its all coming together and looking great!

Notes on OGL Discussions

Since the last update, there was much discussion and speculation on Wizards of the Coast's OGL v1.1 and its implications for the TTRPG industry, and thankfully we are still able to use OGL 1.0a. We want to assure you that Weird Wastelands will be published and delivered as expected. Future publication of such projects on our websites or for sale through other channels  may change based on details of the OGL status moving forward and precedent set following its publication, but for now we're full speed ahead.

Our next update will be no later than early April, 2023.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

- Web DM and 2CGaming

Update #32 - Full Book Playtest Download Now Available!
5 months ago – Wed, Dec 28, 2022 at 04:28:05 AM

Hello Weirdos! 

The Weird Wastelands playtest document for the FULL BOOK is now available to all backers on Backerkit! You should have just received an email notifying you of your digital download. If you can't find the email, check out the BackerKit instructions for accessing your digital download here. 

We hope you enjoy it! The book is going into layout right after the holidays, and when it is ready, we will be distributing a full Community Copy to you! That community copy will include a feedback survey. We don't want to overburden you with surveys, and we want to get your feedback on layout when that's done, so we're not including one with this playtest. However, if you want to let us know about errors you find, you can send those to [email protected]. If you would just like to tell us what you think, send us a message here, or on any Web DM social media platform! We check those continuously and are happy to hear your thoughts should you wish to share. 

Our next update will be on or before February 5, 2023. 

Thank you so much for your continued support! 

Web DM and 2c Gaming

Update #31 - Nearly There! Overall Project Status Update
7 months ago – Thu, Nov 10, 2022 at 06:41:31 AM

Hello there! Emma Lambert of Web DM here. Since the Kickstarter funding period ended, updates have been written by the 2CGaming team, but Jim, Pru, and I wanted to take the pen today to give you some in-depth info on the status of the book. We wanted to let you know first and foremost that:

● We have a playtest document to share with you today! Chapter 1 is our collection of character options - the Psion class, all our subclasses, backgrounds, feats and spells.

● We are on schedule to share a playtest packet for the entire book next month, December 2022.

● Despite delays, we’re very near the finish line on delivering the final .pdf of the book and moving forward with physical fulfillment.

Chapter 1 Character Options Playtest

Backers, check your email! You have the first chapter of Weird Wastelands, released via Backerkit. Today we’re releasing our playtest document for chapter 1, Character Options. Rather than further delay getting content in your hands by waiting for layout, we’re going to take a page from WotC and release our playtest copies in more of a document form. We want your feedback on how these options work in play. This document is formatted and includes most of the art in the chapter, but it has not been laid out. Page references (of which there will be many when the book is laid out) and some art are not included in the playtest for the sake of clarity anf flow. The full book playtest packet, which is coming next month, will be in similar form.

We will be releasing an errata and feedback form for both the Character Options Playtest as well as the full book.Click here to access the form

Project Status

The above chart represents where we are with the project as a whole. We understand, and share, frustration about the delays on this project, and we believe in being as transparent as we can about why. To that end, Jim, Pru, and I would like to go more in depth into every element of the project and let you know where we are.

Starting with the content of the book itself:

 Complete. We (Web DM) turned in the manuscript to 2CGaming in late spring. The manuscript took us a bit longer to finish than we had hoped. There are 3 main reasons: 1) The word count turned out to be 20% higher than initially projected. 2) Some chapters took longer to complete than we expected them to. 3) We experienced two medical emergencies that caused Jim and me to lose significant chunks of writing time. (We’re ok now) We realize in looking over past updates that perhaps it was not clear that Web DM’s portion of delivery is complete and has been for some time. We partnered with 2CGaming to produce the book and manage the project, as we’ve never undertaken this kind of task before. The project is now in their hands and, unfortunately, has had some delays beyond the writing phase taking longer than expected.

 Complete. Every piece of art, infographic, logo, etc is done. They look really cool, and we can’t wait for you to see it all together.

 Formatting includes editing and layout. Editing is 73% complete and will be completed this month. Layout is less far along- the template is done, as are portions of the book. This process has taken longer than projected for similar reasons as the ones above.

Here’s the status on the other elements of the project:

Weird Workbook
 Ready for initial layout. After that will come approval, final layout, proofs for physical production, printing, and fulfillment.

Quest Deck
 Currently in layout.

Dice, Flask, Dice Bag
 Proofs are in the mail to us for approval.

GM Screen
 Ready for layout.

Actual Play and Weird Wastelands Video Series
 Pre-production - our goal is to start releasing the instructional video series in tandem with the release of the final .pdf in or before February. We will be using your feedback to inform what we release first. Our Weird Wastelands Actual Play series will be released a bit later because we intend to do it in person (the way we did Razel Sinn, for those of you who have been with us long enough to remember), and we won’t be able to get that in the can until the end of February at the soonest.

Sea of Stars Bonus Location
 Writing underway.Our final stretch goal was a bonus location that will serve as a bridge from your Weird Wastelands location into space, the thematic subject of Web DM’s next intended publication. The first draft will be completed by the end of next week.

Physical Books

Dates pending. Once we have the final .pdf, we will begin the process of getting them off to print as soon as possible. 2CGaming has worked with this printing vendor for quite some time, and they have had a great and timely experience.

 We will be filling all orders at the same time. Regardless of the wave you ordered your physical materials in, they will be sent out as soon as possible. Domestic prints, international prints, and orders with add-ons will be processed in groups. 2c Gaming expects the process to take less than one month. Domestic print copies and domestic copies with add-ons will ship directly from 2CGaming. International orders will ship from 2C’s international warehousing location.

We hope this update has shed some light into the process and where the project currently is. 2CGaming is available to answer any questions on the production of the book, and you can reach them at [email protected].

 Like 84% of projects on Kickstarter, this project has been delayed. No one wants to get this book in your hands more than we do, and we’re almost there. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Our next update will occur in December. Our target is to release the full version of Weird Wastelands Playtest Copy on or before December 23rd.

 Emma, Jim, and Pruitt
 Web DM

Update #30 - Settlements and Traders in the Weird Wastelands
8 months ago – Thu, Oct 06, 2022 at 07:45:24 PM

Update #30 - Settlements and Traders in the Weird Wastelands

We’re working through the final edits of the manuscript and then it’ll move to layout! For details. see the Next Steps below. Here’s a preview of some of the tables you can look forward to as they relate to settlements and traders in the Weird Wasteland. As always, edits are not yet final.

Settlements & Trading

When you’re thirsty, the settlement you see over the next dune can be a lifeline. But each settlement comes with its own peculiarities including who leads it, inhabitant quirks, useful resources, and its current problems, each with its own table in Chapter 4. If you pair these tables with the Trader Personalities tables in Chapter 2, you can create living settlements for your players. Here are some examples:

Wasteland Settlement by Ambrose Hoffman

Desperate and Dramatic Traders

Fellowship Member by Jason Strutz

Dramatic Traders

Dramatic traders are prone to outbursts of rage or joy in equal measure. They are known far and wide by reputation and thrive on the attention. Whether or not a deal with a dramatic trader goes through, it should be an experience the characters never forget.

Next Steps

The next Kickstarter update will be November 9th or earlier.

Scheduled Dates. 

Due to some scheduling conflicts while we continue editing, we are shifting our dates to December for the community PDF and February 2023 for the final PDF release. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we reach the finish line!

As Always,

- Web DM and 2CGaming

Update #29 - Sneak Peek: Exploration and Terrain in the Weird Wastelands
9 months ago – Fri, Sep 09, 2022 at 12:06:18 AM

The team has made good progress on the manuscript which is currently in editing.

Content Sneak Peek, Hex Based Exploration and Terrain Types!

Hex-based Exploration

When running sandbox-style games, it is critical to have a tool to track party progress. Creating a hex map is an excellent way to map wilderness environments your party is likely to traverse over the course of their adventures.

In the following sections, we cover how to use two kinds of hex maps, explain how to create your own hex maps, and provide you with resources to make hex maps specific to a Weird Wastelands campaign.

Hex Map Instructional Graphic by Jason Strutz. This image may have some changes in the final form.

Hex-based Terrain

Hex maps utilize a single sheet of paper covered in a printed pattern of hexes. Each individual hex on a map represents a large expanse of land. Hex maps can use any kind of scale, but for our purposes, each hex represents 5 miles. While there can be all sorts of geographic and environmental details inside a single hex, abstracting an area in this way is helpful for measuring overall travel distances.

In addition to representing a static amount of space, each hex is also assigned a type, which represents the predominant type of terrain found in that 5-mile area.

Six different types of terrain exist in the Weird Wastelands, so there are six different types of hexes that can appear on a wasteland-specific hex map:

· Arcane Wastes: blasted landscape scarred by magical warfare

· Badlands: dry, broken landscape of rock formations and patches of cacti

· Desert: hot, desolate sand piled high with dunes

· Hills: semi-arid waves of land featuring scrub brush and stunted trees

· Mountains: volcanic mountain ranges and highland plateaus

· Scrublands: rolling hills and meadows of thorny bushes and hardy grass

Each type of terrain has a secondary and tertiary terrain type associated with it, as shown in the Terrain Types table. This information helps give you an idea of what terrain types are most likely to be found next to one another, and it can also be used as a reference when following the steps to build your own wasteland terrain hex map.

Terrain Types

Arcane Wastes

The ruined heartlands of the pre-apocalypse civilization were once prosperous and populous, boasting many manicured estates of the mageocratic gentry, sprawling arcanotech workshop complexes, and fertile fields of alchemically enriched agriculture. Now, these lands are scarred by magical warfare and stalked by monsters spawned from the resulting arcane pollution.

Terrain DC

Regions of arcane wastes are extremely dangerous and incapable of sustaining humanoid life. Magical pollution has infused the terrain, making it impossible to find potable water or edible food there. Due to an abundance of deadly arcane hazards, adventures set in the arcane wastes are geared toward tier-4 adventuring parties.

Whenever a character interacts meaningfully with the environment or an environmental effect in the arcane wastes and an ability check or saving throw is required, the default terrain DC is 20.


As the party travels through areas of arcane wastes, they are bound to encounter weird landmarks featuring the remnants of magical, pre-apocalyptic societies. The Arcane Wastes Landmarks table provides suggestions of unique features characters might encounter while traveling through this type of terrain.

Ghost Storm by Juan Arrabal


The next Kickstarter update will be October 9th or earlier.

Schedule Adjustment. Editing and revisions have taken longer than anticipated.  We’re now looking at a community PDF delivery in late October; in addition the final PDF delivery is now scheduled for end of December. Apologies for the delays and thank you for your patience.

As Always,

We appreciate your patience and continued support!

Thank you for your continued support!

- Web DM and 2CGaming